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Group leader positions at IECB Bordeaux

The European Institute of Chemistry and Biology, Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie (IECB) is a research team incubator placed under the joint tutelage of the University of Bordeaux, CNRS and INSERM. It benefits from the effective scientific environment of the Bordeaux campus in the Southwest of France. The team incubation period is typically 10 years, and teams are selected by an international Scientific Advisory Board. The Institute currently hosts 14 research groups developing their research projects at the interface of chemistry and biology. IECB is looking for solid candidates for group leader positions, with a priority for the following profiles:

  • One or two CELLULAR BIOLOGISTS interested in the molecular underpinnings of, for example, cell cycle, cell death, regulation of proliferation, regulation of gene expression, cancer, immunology, microbiology…

  • One SYNTHETIC ORGANIC CHEMIST interested in areas such as, for example, chemical biology, drug design, bio-inspired materials and catalysis, supramolecular chemistry, protein mimics, synthetic oligonucleotides…

Détails here.
Apply before July 1, 2021.

Call for Group Leaders at Saints-Pères Paris Institute for the Neurosciences (SPPIN)

The SPPIN (CRNS UMR8003) is a group of research teams on the Saint-Germain-des-Prés Campus of Paris University, located on the left bank, in the very heart of Paris, in the attractive 6th arrondissement We are seeking several outstanding new research teams in the area of molecular and cellular neuroscience.
We are currently looking for several candidates:

  • established CNRS research teams who wish to relocate ,

  • CNRS researchers that would like to grow into independence and form their own team,

  • young, talented researchers (with no restriction on citizenship or nationality), who seek kick-off funding from the ATIP/Avenir Programme or dispose of an equivalent support from other organizations

Download the flyer for more info and for indication on how to apply.

Technicians, engineers positions

Assistant.e Ingénieur.e en biologie

CDD 12 mois avec renouvellement possible.
Vous serez intégré.e à une équipe internationale pour mener à bien le projet faisant partie d’un programme de recherche financé par les subventions Européennes et nationales. Le but de ce projet est de découvrir comment les voies de détection des nutriments contrôlent le métabolisme dans les cellules et quel impact elles peuvent avoir sur les maladies humaines.
Plus d'information ici.

Ingénieur bio banque

Poste CDD 2 ans
L’Ingénieur(e) mettra en œuvre et assurera le fonctionnement d’une plateforme de collection d’embryons humains donnés à la recherche sur 2 sites.
En outre, il/elle mettra en œuvre les actions qualité pour une structure et assurer la bonne exécution des procédures.
Lieu : Service de Biologie de la Reproduction – CECOS, Hôpital Antoine Béclère (Clamart) et Hôpital Cochin (Paris), en alternance une année par site
Plus d'informations ICI.
Contact : Prs Nelly Achour-Frydman et Catherine Patrat; nelly.frydman@aphp.fr; catherine.patrat@aphp.fr


Offre de post-doc dans l'équipe BIOS de l'unité de physiologie de la reproduction et des comportements, INRAE Centre Val-de-Loire)

Validating new hypotheses on GPCR signaling networks automatically inferred using results extracted by natural language processing.
In the ABLISS ANR program, we have started to elaborate an automatic in silico method capable of inferring signaling GPCR signaling networks from the sum of data available in the scientific literature and public databases. To validate experimentally the conclusions that are being drawn from this inference process, we propose a two-year position to a young scientist holding a PhD degree in biology and having a strong interest in systems biology and computational sciences.
Contact: anne.poupon@inrae.fr, pascale.crepieux@inrae.fr

Post-doc position at Institut Cochin: Dissecting signals controlling functional pancreatic endocrine cell mass

Diabetes is one of the main health challenges. To bring advanced therapies, more needs to be learned on pancreatic endocrine cells in physiological conditions and during diabetes. In this context, the objective of the project is to define the role of new signals that modulate functional pancreatic endocrine cell mass.
The candidate will use human beta cell lines, FACS purified endocrine cell populations and fetal tissues as models. The program will involve interactions with national and international consortia such as REVIVE (French ANR), ISLET (H2020) and INNODIA (EU-IMI).
See the detailed job profile.
Beginning: Summer/autumn 2021. 2 years contract that can be renewed up to 5 years “according to profile”.
Contact: Raphael Scharfmann: raphael.scharfmann@inserm.fr

Post-doctoral position in Grenoble: Artificial Intelligence for Imaging of Parasite Migration

Providing all the natural language processing and AI support to dissect how the Toxoplasma microbe integrates biochemical and biomechanical cues provided by the microenvironment to achieve high-performance substrate-dependent motility and cell invasion.
Send CV, motivation letter and references to isabelle.tardieux@inserm.fr
Starting date: immediately available
Download the flyer with more info.

ERC-Funded Post-doc Position in Cellular Neurobiology, Grenoble, France

Deciphering the Role of Huntingtin in Energy Supply for Axonal Transport in Health and Huntington’s Disease
See the complete profile HERE.
Candidates should apply by sending a CV, a brief outline of current research, scientific interests and career goals, as well as the name and contact details of at least two academic references to frederic.saudou@inserm.fr . There is no deadline for application.

PhD positions

Protein and lipid determinants of mitochondrial membrane fusion

This PhD project aims at elucidating the molecular mechanisms by which Mitofusins mediate mitochondrial fusion and how this process is regulated by specific lipids.
Supervisor: David Tareste (Institut de Psychiatrie et Neuroscience de Paris; 102-108, rue de la Santé 75014 Paris, France; david.tareste@inserm.frhttps://sites.google.com/site/insermu950/Biophysics-of-membrane-fusion)
Funding: 3-year salary by ANR starting October 1st 2021
Download the full profile, deadline: July 31st 2021.

Looking for for an experimented scientist in biology of stem cells in the field of liver bioengineering 

Téléchargez la fiche de poste
Contacts : Dr Anne Dubart-Kupperschmitt: anne.dubart@inserm.fr ; Pr Jean-Charles Duclos-Vallée: jean-charles.duclos-vallee@aphp.fr

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