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Le GIS FC3R recrute

Le GIS FC3R (French Center 3R) a été récemment créé comme référence et point de contact pour toutes les questions relatives aux 3R (remplacement, réduction, raffinement), dans la recherche animale publique comme privée. Ses membres sont l’Inserm, le CNRS, l’INRAE, l’Inria, le CEA, l’Institut Pasteur de Paris, la CPU et l’association Udice. Pour constituer son équipe, le FC3R recrute par voie de mobilité à l'Inserm, ou par mise à disposition de personnels des établissements partenaires du GIS par voie de mise à disposition un.e assistant.e de direction gestionnaire
Contact : Athanassia Sotiropoulos, directrice du GIS FC3R, athanassia.sotiropoulos@inserm.fr

Open position for Director of the new Sorbonne University Institute of Biology

The Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine and the Institut du Fer à Moulin will merge in 2025 into a single Institute located on the Pierre & Marie Curie campus (Jussieu) of Sorbonne University. This “Fédération de Recherche” will be composed of four research units hosting a total of 45 teams, which decipher basic principles governing development, nervous system function, physiology and genome evolution. Interdisciplinarity is a central asset of the future institute.A quarter of the teams have background from physics, mathematics, computational sciences or chemistry.
The future Director will be in charge from January 2025 for 5 years (renewable). 
We are seeking a highly motivated and prominent scientist with excellent organisation skills and management experience. Lab space and an attractive package will be provided if the director decides to maintain a strong research activity. The candidate should hold a position in the French academic system.
More information and how to apply here.

Offre de mobilité  pour un poste de chercheur(e) en physiopathologie du développement

Localisée sur 2 sites (Montpellier et Toulouse), l’unité « Développement Embryonnaire, Fertilité et Environnement » développe des projets fortement en lien avec la clinique, susceptibles de conduire à des apports majeurs dans le domaine des biomarqueurs et de la physiopathologie de l’infertilité humaine. L’un des axes de recherche porte sur le développement et les fonctions de l'appareil génital masculin.
L’équipe Montpelliéraine souhaite intégrer un(e) scientifique intéressé(e) par prendre en charge le développement de cette recherche fondamentale et translationnelle en lien avec les cliniciens de l’équipe.
Plus d'information et conditions de candidature dans le flyer.

Call for Group Leaders at Saints-Pères Paris Institute for the Neurosciences (SPPIN)

The SPPIN (CRNS UMR8003) is a group of research teams on the Saint-Germain-des-Prés Campus of Paris University, located on the left bank, in the very heart of Paris, in the attractive 6th arrondissement. We are seeking several outstanding new research teams in the area of molecular and cellular neuroscience.
We are currently looking for several candidates:

  • established CNRS research teams who wish to relocate ,

  • CNRS researchers that would like to grow into independence and form their own team,

  • young, talented researchers (with no restriction on citizenship or nationality), who seek kick-off funding from the ATIP/Avenir Programme or dispose of an equivalent support from other organizations

Download the flyer for more info and for indication on how to apply.

Ingénieur d’étude en expérimentation et instrumentation biologiques à l'Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle (IGF), Montpellier

Recrutement par concours externe.
L’ingénieur-e d’études aura pour mission de transférer des technologies d’imagerie optique innovantes et de nouveaux outils sous la forme de nouvelles prestations d’imagerie cellulaire in vivo du plateau d’imagerie IPAM-IGF-France Bio-Imaging.
Téléchargez le flyer.
Date limite de candidature : mardi 26 juillet à 17h

Ingénieur d’étude en biologie moléculaire et cellulaire au Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences

Mission : Participer au projet de recherche en biologie ERC "Fueling transport" en prenant en charge la préparation et le suivi de cultures de neurones, le développement d’approches microfluidiques et l’utilisation de techniques de vidéomicroscopie.
Plus de détails et info pour candidater dans le flyer.


Post-doctoral position for research on endometriosis

A one-year post-doctoral position (extendable to one more year) is available and is funded by the URGO Foundation.
The candidate must hold a PhD and provide a research project identifying the host laboratory.
The host laboratory must be an Inserm unit. Importantly, the host lab will benefit from up to 10k¤ funding/year for the duration of the project.
Any project relevant to endometriosis is acceptable. Candidates without prior background on this topic are welcome to apply. The same applies to the host lab.
Deadline for application: November 2, 2022.
Download all documents here.
Contact: jean.rosenbaum@inserm.fr 

Post-doc position on the role of compartmentalization within signaling pathways

The postdoctoral position is available at EPC MUSCA, a joint project-team between Inria, INRAE and CNRS, gathering members from Inria Centre Saclay–Ile-de-France, INRAE Centre Val-de-Loire (UMR 7247 Physiologie de la Reproduction et des Comportements) and INRAE Centre Ile-de-France Jouy-en-Josas (UR 1404 INRA MaiAGE). MUSCA is an intrinsically interdisciplinary team in Biomathematics and Systems Biology, which brings together applied mathematicians and biologists. 
Full details here.
Deadline for application: September 10, 2022

Post-doc positions in the Pende team at Institut Necker Enfants Malades, Paris

Two Post-doctoral positions are available to study the neurological alterations in rare genetic diseases of mTOR signal transduction. The positions are funded for three years with possibility of extensions. Download the flyer here.
Applications including a CV and the names of three referees should be sent to Mario Pende (Mario.pende@inserm.fr).

ERC-funded postdoctoral position to use NMR and integrated structural biology to describe highly dynamic viral replication assemblies (SARS-CoV-2, Measles, Influenza)

Blackledge Lab (Protein Dynamics and Flexibility by NMR), Institute of Structural Biology CEA-CNRS-UGA, Grenoble, France.
We are looking for candidates who are interested in applying physico-chemical approaches to resolve fascinating biological problems. Candidates should have a PhD in biophysics or biomolecular NMR-related subject.
Download the flyer for more info
Interested candidates should send a CV, motivation letter and the names of two referees to martin.blackledge@ibs.fr or write to martin.blackledge@ibs.fr for more details.

Post-doc position to study Cell Fate and Morphogenesis at Institut Curie, Paris

A 3-year post-doctoral position is available for a project in collaboration between the Group “Notch signaling in stem cells and tumors” directed by Silvia FRE and the Group “Polarity, Division and Morphogenesis” directed by Yohanns BELLAICHE in the Department of Genetics and Developmental Biology (UMR3215/U934) at Institut Curie in Paris, France.
Download the flyer for more info and for indication on how to apply.

Two years post-doc position in Institut Cochin, Paris, in the team « Neuromuscular Development, Genetics and Physiopathology »

The overall goal of the project is to define the regulatory mechanisms determining the crosstalk between motomeurons subtypes and myofiber subtypes that preside to the expression of a single myosin heavy chain (Myh) gene in the hundreds of nuclei present in a given fiber. See the flyer.
A curious and inventive post doc will be welcomed for a two years position. He/she must have good knowledge of the neuromuscular system and the big data analysis softwares. Please send a cover letter, a CV and two letters of recommendation to pascal.maire@inserm.fr.

Post-doctoral position in Zurzolo team, Pasteur Institute Paris

Assessing the Presence and Functionality of Tunneling Nanotubes in Zebrafish embryos.
The position is open immediately and is funded for two years (possibly extensible) by the Equipe FRM granted to Prof. Chiara Zurzolo.
Download the job description here.
Candidates should apply by sending a CV, a motivation letter as well as the name and contact details of at least two academic references to chiara.zurzolo@pasteur.fr

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