The ITMO "Health Technologies"  and the ITMO "Cell Biology, development and Evolution" are co-organizing  the symposium on “Regenerative Medecine: organoďds and model species”, to be held in Paris, France, on October 8-9, 2018, under the auspices of the alliance Aviesan.
Deciphering and investigating the main processes required for the formation of tissues during development and their restoration during regeneration are key topics in both basic biology and regenerative medicine. This symposium aims to bring together scientists that approach these questions using organoid or whole animal approaches.
By defining an organoid as a three-dimensional structure derived from stem cells able to differentiate and self-organize, the symposium aims to present some achievements in iconic tissues such as the brain, heart, pancreas, etc…; some of the best specialists in these models will present the latest advances in this field. Recent advances on the cellular, molecular, and genetic basis  of tissue and organ restoration in regeneration model organisms will also be reported, highlighting how these studies propel our understanding of the basic mechanisms of regeneration and may help to develop new therapeutic approaches in regenerative medicine.
The goal is to cover this broad area of investigation by presenting a large spectrum of molecular, genetic and cell biological approaches applied in a range of organisms, thanks to inclusion of multidisciplinary talks discussing overlapping subjects. This should facilitate a broad understanding of the field, even for participants at early stages of their careers or new to this area of investigation. The meeting venue can host around 120 participants, providing opportunities for extensive interactions among participants in a friendly and comfortable environment.

The meeting will take place in the Biopark Auditorium located in Paris 13.

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A poster session will be organized from which few short talks will be selected for oral presentation.


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